Friday, November 7, 2008

Inaugural Post

Well I am officially joining the blogosphere (like anyone really cares) but just in case I thought I would post about something truly worthwhile.  I had just told my husband that I wasn't going to bake any cookies during November except for the standing order from my dentist.  (He has a standing order for sugar cookies baked and decorated like toothbrushes and teeth; he gives them out to patients.  Pretty funny, I know.)  Then, I found out about Operation Baking Gals from another blog I follow regularly -- Bake At 350.  This is a group of people who have gotten together and formed teams that bake for individual soldiers deployed around the world.  This way the goodies are sent to specific soldiers and aren't thrown out because no one knows what is in the package.  The soldiers get plenty to share with their units.  I saw this and still thought -- good cause, maybe next time.  Then I read about Team Fab Four.  They are baking for two captains that are dentists in Iraq.  There are 25 people in their unit and they are responsible for about 60,000 soldiers -- do the math on that one.  At that point I thought -- okay God, I get the hint -- and signed up.  I just finished baking about 8 dozen peanut butter cookies and 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies.   Tomorrow I am tackling the toothbrushes and teeth sugar cookies for some very deserving dentists.  So any of you bakers out there that stumble upon this blog think about joining up.  It doesn't matter how you feel about the war -- these men and women are a long way from home and deserve a little comfort even if it is just a cookie.  Bake on!


Bridget said...

That is so funny about the dentist cookies....keeps them coming back! :) I'd love to have a little steady cookie job like that! Really cool!

Spogden said...

Thanks for the comment. :) Glad you found my blog. And welcome to Operation Baking Gals!!